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seed  (テーブル兼展示用平台) 
完成 : 2023年5月






















用途 :テーブル​・ギャラリー展示台

構造 :芯材+突板、メラミン


什器写真 : 植村崇史写真事務所 植村崇史

模型​アニメーション​・店舗写真:border design architects




These tables were designed for a small gallery café.

The design started with a request for tables that can accommodate varying numbers of people and be used as a display stand for the gallery.


In small spaces, “serving multiple purposes” is extremely important, as are limited uses, and we felt that making “a design that does not stand out too much” is the minimum consideration for a gallery that will exhibit works of art.


Given this, we created a design for three tables, in which two-person tables of the same design have different heights.

Joining and separating the tables with their varying heights allows them to accommodate a range of uses and conditions.


One table makes a “seed”

Two tables make a “sprout”

Three tables make a “flower”

The tables in a row make a “vine”


Reading a book alone, having tea as a pair, chatting in a group of three, spending time individually with an exhibition in between.


Amid more variations than we can write down here, these tables change their outline and name to align with the space and use.


Adding the element “lining up at different heights” to tables that are merely ordinary on their own gave them a variability that allows them to accommodate a range of conditions.


We hope that the seed table will change its outline and name from day to day, enjoying its expanding role amid unrestrained ideas and various conditions, just like sown seeds stretching out as they please.

Use :Table and gallery display stand
Structure :Core wood + veneer, melamine
Production : DOUGU
fixture photo :  Takashi Uemura Photography Office
model animation / In store photo : border design architects

Location : tane

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